Seapia is a brand with respect for our planet at its heart, and a celebration of beauty in its soul. We can look as beautiful as the earth we have been blessed to protect.

Using fabrics carefully selected for their low impact on the environment, we can give back to the world without compromising on beauty and style with a range of locally-made swimwear created from reclaimed discarded plastics that utilise new technologies to produce high quality and durable fabric.

These plastics could have been collected from the very beaches on which you will be wearing the swimwear, which provides a unique and rewarding experience for the wearer.

Seapia reflects the tropical style of Costa Rica, the birthplace of the brand’s founder Fiorella Castro. Fiorella’s diverse fashion background and love of nature has given her a unique perspective on life, leading to this iconic range of swimwear with a Latin American heart and a high tech, low-impact structure.

The exclusive prints that underpin the range are the result of  collaborations with local artists that bring a startling and genuinely individual range of swimwear to the world.Seapia