“Every season is bikini season!”

In our conscious collection: You will find our sustainable and stylish swimwear, where we have selected some of the most beautiful swimwear lines collected from various regions of the world. At Valendream our selection criteria is focused on environmently friendly products and materials with a fair production process. We do this, so that you can buy with full confidence knowing that your swimwear is made ethically with sustainable material while fitting your identity and feeling goregous in beachwear. Every bikini and bathingsuit is made with care with focus on material, comfortable fit, functionality and quality you’re looking for! Enjoy the waves, make your summer unforgetable with the stylish swimwear lines presented by Valendream.

“Embrace yourself as you are and enjoy the moment, because life is better at the beach.”

Sun, Bikini & Mimosa

What swimwear will you be wearing this summer? No matter what swimwear you prefer, our priority is for you to feel good. Be nice to yourself, so you can spread the love. Real beauty comes from within.

All the swimwear lines presented by Valendream are made to make you feel comfy, radiant and confident, one of the essentials to fully enjoy your vacation and summers by the beach. With respect for our planet and your surroundings. All the swimwear lines we present to you are created with sustainable materials such as: old fishing nets, Econyl®; which is produced starting from post-consumer plastic materials, otherwise destined to landfill, organic fabric and conscious fabrication processes to control production waste and energy use. We all carry the responsibilty for plastic-free oceans and water bodies, hence all the swimwear in our collection is made from recycled materials, with consideration for our planet and humanity in the fronts of fair trade and labour. This means no use of child or forced labour! The processes are continuously updated and optimized to lesser the waste of natural resources. This unique experience is possible thanks to the fair processes the swimwear is made off and fair pricing, so no one is exploited for our fashion.

We care about the environment, we hope you do too! Find the conscious swimwear at our webshop. Valendream combines concious style with fair fashion; sustainable enjoyment for one and all.