Our Story

Organic, eco conscious and sustainable swimwear and skincare products collected from all over the world, inspired by our travels.

‘We always dream wandering bounty islands, white sands and turquoise waters’

Strongly influenced by our travels and commitment to contribute to the social development of the world we live in, we began pursuing our dream of creating a brand that would not only represent our holistic views but also assist in positively influencing the world around us. At Valendream, we believe in sandy toes, salty hair, sunkissed skin; we are coastal dwellers and island dreamers. We stand for a carefree, fun and active lifestyle. We stand for good quality yet affordable swimwear and accessories for the stylish and environmentally conscious woman, without harming our environment and coral reefs.

Our mission is to contribute to the social environment we live in, instead of destroying it. That is why every product is eco conscious, ethically made and free from any child labour and animal abuse. We also believe in sharing the wealth amongst others, to help create a difference. Therefore, a percentage of the generated revenue will be donated to various organizations.‘We live in a paradise called earth, and it’s our goal to preserve this paradise!’